Adopt A Puppy

Find out More About Greyhound Puppy Adoption 

If you’re looking for a forever friend that the whole family will love, a greyhound puppy could be the perfect furry addition to your home! At Greyhounds as Pets, we’re passionate about rehoming older dogs, but we on occasion we also have puppies for adoption available.

Why do Greyhounds Make Ideal Puppies to Adopt?

There’s a common misconception around the world that greyhounds require an overly active lifestyle. People believe they’re going to have to take them on long runs everyday, but in actual fact, they’re happy with a short walk once or twice a day. There’s a reason they’re known as the “60km couch potatoes”!

When you adopt a puppy or dog from Greyhounds As Pets, you’ll find your four-legged buddy stays happy and healthy with a little playtime and moderate exercise.

Greyhounds are so much more than just an athlete. They’re gentle dogs that love to cuddle up with their humans and are usually friendly with children and other pets. It’s recommended you chat with our GAP staff for further advice on integrating your new pet with other family members, if you’re considering greyhound or puppy adoption with us.

Why you should consider adopting an older greyhound?

It’s great to adopt a puppy, but it can be even more rewarding giving a home to an older dog. Most of the greyhounds we rehome spent their puppy years training to be a racing dog, but are now ready for a life of leisure. The transition from athlete to couch potato and into a new environment as an adult means that it will be your role to guide and teach them about the home environment and to be able to cater for their individual needs. This is a rewarding experience and can create a really strong bond between you and your new pet. Many of our greyhounds are still under the age of 5, so plenty of life ahead of them to enjoy with you.

We’ll Keep the Process Simple

With so many beautiful dogs available for adoption across NSW, we know how excited you’ll be to take one home and start showering it with love! That’s great – and we’re super excited for you, too!

Remember that this isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, so our GAP team will take time to talk with you about your lifestyle and expectations when it comes to adopting puppies. You’ll get to get to know your little one as it grows big enough to leave the nest and join yours, and we’ll make sure you’re well-prepared when the pick-up day finally arrives!

Start the journey now by meeting our greyhounds that are looking for their forever home.

We’re sure you’re bursting with questions and we’d be happy to answer each one! Fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you, or alternatively, go ahead and send us an application to foster or adopt puppies in NSW.