Who are we?

Greyhounds as Pets is the non-for-profit initiative of Greyhound Racing NSW that rehomes retired Greyhounds.

What do GAP Volunteers do?

There are two types of volunteers who assist our GAP team in preparing greyhounds for their forever homes:

Enrichment volunteers:
Enrichment volunteers work alongside the staff at one of our facilities to provide enrichment and socialisation opportunities to the greyhounds in care. The facilities are based in Londonderry (Western Sydney) and Wyee (Central Coast). Experience walking, handling and caring for dogs is desirable, however full training will be provided onsite.

Community engagement volunteers:
Community engagement volunteers accompany GAP staff to various industry and community events throughout the year, helping to promote the work of the Greyhounds as Pets program. We attend events such as the Easter Show and Dog Lovers show. Volunteers attending these events should be confident speaking to a variety of different people for several hours about the greyhound breed, GAP and any dog they may be handling during the event. Full training and information will be provided prior to any events.

The team at Greyhounds as Pets appreciate the help and support our wonderful volunteers provide, ensuring our greyhounds are happy and ready to go on to their new life with a loving family. Without your support we wouldn’t be able to fill that greyhound shaped hole in so many people’s homes.

If you own a greyhound, love greyhounds or even just love dogs in general, please apply to volunteer with us today!

(Please note: Volunteers must be over 18 years of age)