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Greyhounds As Pets is the industry run program responsible for assessing, fostering and re-homing greyhounds retired from the racing industry at all stages of a greyhounds lifecycle. From puppies all the way to those retiring as athletes! We are also involved in the education of the general public on the benefits of having a greyhound as a pet.


Greyhounds As Pets is committed to continually improving the program for participants. As such, we have been successful in making Pre-Assessment Sessions more readily available (meaning you don’t need to wait as long to have your dog assessed).

There are limited appointments available at pre-assessment sessions and owners and trainers who miss out on a spot will be put on a waiting list and contacted should there be any cancellations for that session. If not, they will be booked in for the next available pre-assessment session.

Trainers and owners are reminded that as a condition of the GWIC Rehoming Policy, you are required to make genuine attempts to rehome your greyhound by first preparing your greyhound for rehoming. For a guide on how to help your dog transition to pet life, please access the

Pre-assessment Process

Prior to the Day
Step 1:
  • Complete an Intake Application for your greyhound (you have 3 options - see below):
  1. Fill out our Greyhound Details Form online
  2. Download a PDF to print
  3. Complete and sign an online PDF Form here.
Contact us via phone (02 4357 2817) or email preassess@grnsw.com.au if you need assistance completing the form and to book in for a pre-assessment.

Step 2: Return the necessary paperwork below via email or fax or post a hard copy
  • The greyhounds current C5 vaccination certificate and also documentation that the greyhound has had at least the first injection for C7 vaccination (i.e. C2i = Canine coronavirus/ leptospirosis) not less than 7 days and not more than 28 days prior to assessment. If assessment and entry into GAP occurs within 2-4 weeks of this initial C2i injection GAP will complete the C7 vaccination course. If this period will be greater than 4 weeks you must complete the C7 vaccination course by getting a second C2i injection prior to coming into GAP.
  • Desexing certificate if your greyhound is already desexed.
Step 3: Once all the paperwork has been received, we will contact you to confirm your appointment. Please note there are a maximum of two (2) greyhounds per owner, per session without prior approval.

Please refer to the calendar section of the website for locations and dates for our upcoming pre-assessment sessions
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