Our Facilities

Our facilities:

Greyhounds As Pets adoption centres are situated on the Central Coast of NSW and in Western Sydney. Both are by appointment only.

Dillwynia Correctional Centre:

Greyhounds As Pets has a long standing partnership with Corrective Services NSW, in particular with the Dillwynia Correctional Centre at Berkshire Park in Western Sydney. We currently have six large kennels within the facility, as well as a sizeable, fully-fenced, grassed day yard complete with sandpit.

A kitchen/food preparation room and custom built greyhound bathing area complete the facility. At any one time, we have two female inmates working with the six Greyhounds through their pet prep program.

The greyhounds have the opportunity to be well socialised with many different people on an everyday basis, undertake basic training, as well as experience the comforts of home life by spending time with the inmates at their shared living quarters. The experiences our greyhounds gain in Dillwynia prepares them well for life in a home at the time of adoption.

We have had many greyhounds successfully pass through our pet prep program into homes after spending some time with the inmates and staff at Dillwynia and we are very proud of the association.

Foster Carers:

We have a number of invaluable foster carers who regularly welcome a greyhound into their home to undertake the start of their transition to life as a pet. The foster carers work with their foster greyhound for the foster period in all aspects from socialisation with different people and other animals, leash manners, household noises and surfaces and behaviour around toys and food.

We have foster carers in all sorts of homes including studio apartments and townhouses, through to ‘normal’ sizes houses and rural properties We are always in need of foster carers to assist our greyhound make their ‘career change’ and foster caring is a great way to assist, while not having the ongoing commitment of full-time pet ownership. See our ‘Foster Carers’ page for more information.