Mudgee Winery Adoption Day A Success

By Candice Robbins-Goodman
January 29, 2024 11:24
The Mudgee Greyhound Adoption Day, held in the idyllic setting of Lowes Family Wine Company, was a delightful affair that warmed the hearts of all that attended.

The picturesque backdrop of glistening water and lush vines, coupled with children joyfully swinging on a wooden seat swing and dogs frolicking in pools, created a serene ambiance.

Around 100 guests mingled and formed bonds the affectionate visitors from Greyhounds As Pets (GAP).

As the sun graced us with its presence later in the afternoon, visitors and dogs alike sought refuge under the charming bush chapel, enjoying the shade and the tranquil environment.

The day was marked by six successful adoptions, indicating a strong community response to the GAP initiative.

Two families, each adopting two greyhounds, were among the highlights of the event.

One family welcomed four-year-old Wilma and twelve-year-old Crystal into their home, which already housed a greyhound, chickens, and cats.

Another family chose to adopt the younger greyhounds Dallas and Rose. Additionally, a family with a whippet and a whippet cross adopted three-year-old Tom, while another family welcomed four-year-old Coco into their home.

The staff at Lowes Family Wine Company were the perfect hosts even providing freshly baked doggie biscuits for the greyhounds.

The community loved having the greyhounds there as another ‘attraction’ at the winery, with many who have not had the chance to meet a greyhound in their life before, falling in the love with the breed. The greyhounds may have just ignited some new interest and love for this breed.

The Mudgee Adoption Day was not only a lovely day out for all in attendance, it was a significant step forward in connecting these wonderful greyhounds with loving families and raising awareness for the adoption of greyhounds and GAP’s senior dogs.

The enthusiasm and love shown by the community was truly heartening, and it is clear there is a place for them here, and Lowes advised they would love to have Greyhound As Pets back for another event.